Everyone knows the Livret A. It is, by far perhaps, one of the favorite investments of French women and men. Its only known competitor, whose prominence was recently explained by the economist Jacques Bichot in our columns, is none other than life insurance. However, due to inflation in particular, such investments lose their interest considerably: in the overwhelming majority of cases, with the exception of certain life insurance configurations, they are not profitable. Their real rate of return is negative.

Fortunately for savers who have difficulty with risk, the executive is aware of this fact. This is why certain products related to Livret A (such as its little brother, the Livret de développement durable et solidaire, LDDS) will benefit from a revaluation from August 1st. Their rate, currently set at 1%, should double to 2%. But some products are much more interesting: this is the case of the People’s Savings Account (LEP), to which only some savers are eligible. Its rate should be around 4.5% in August.

In practice, access to LEP is subject to resource ceilings. It is reserved, as Planet has already explained, for the most modest households. However ! Many French women and men eligible for such a product have not thought of opening one, recalls Le Parisien on its site. Banks promote it very little to their affected customers.

To avoid taking risks, especially since the government can completely derogate from the rate revision formula that should normally apply, it is always more appropriate to open an account now.