Léo Mattéï will return in 2023 to TF1 for a 10th season. The previous season was notably marked by the arrival of new characters who came to lend a hand to Commander Léo Mattéï played by Jean-Luc Reichmann. Indeed, Lieutenant Inès Salma (Lola Dubini), Commissioner Daguerre (Stomy Bugsy) and Lieutenant Marion Da Costa (Romane Portail) have joined the minors’ brigade. On the audience side, the detective series posted a good record since it brought together 4.43 million viewers on average according to Médiamétrie.

Since September, the host of 12 noon shots has found the way to filming. On Instagram, he confirms that Lola Dubini, Stomy Bugsy and Romane Portail will be present in this tenth season. It also reveals the arrival of new guests who will appear during this new season.

To the delight of his fans, Jean-Luc Reichmann does not hesitate to reveal the next guest stars of Léo Mattéï on his Instagram account. He notably revealed the presence of Lorie Pester, Juliette Tresanini (Tomorrow belongs to us), Firmine Richard (Romuald and Juliette, The first star), Xavier Deluc (Section of research) or even Estelle Lefébure. On November 22, the host revealed that Mimie Mathy, star of Joséphine, guardian angel, will also appear in a future episode of Léo Matteï. A news that delighted its subscribers. “You are both adorable”, “The cast is growing with Mimie Mathy, that’s genius”, “It’s great to see you both”, can we read in the comments under the publication .

In our slideshow below, discover the guest stars confirmed by Jean-Luc Reichmann for season 10 of Léo Mattéï.