And Lenka De Laet (18) – Friday, the comments on the Instagramaccount of her brother, Kiyan (16) to read it, she was so angry, that they are some of the screenshots are took with her Twitter followers informed. “The only thing that I can do it, this is disgusting”, ” she said. What she couldn’t predict was the power of the likes, and pats on the back that is for her to tweet about them.

‘ My brother (he was 16 and living in it for years with depression,” sounds like it’s in a tweet, which is Lenka a Friday release online her, “it is years of being bullied, has been recorded several times in an adolescent due to doemgedachten to see you as an older sister to the comments under the photo he posted on Instagram. The only thing I can do is hate.”

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as for The screenshots, they are from her tweet is added, are taken from the Instagram account of a brother, Kiyan, which is now in its fourth year secondary is. “He is from the very first secondary school being bullied, and it is, therefore, even if, once the school has changed,” she explained to our editorial board. “I wanted to use my tweet, show how social media can be used. I used to be in school and being bullied, but it stopped the bullying in the school, and you could be in the home find peace and quiet. Now it is bullying, simply because of the social media.”

What Lenka did not expect, was that the social media in the days following the tweet, their best showing. Kiyans can still be seen today in the meantime, more than 25,000 likes. More than 11,000 comments – from ‘Hero’ to the ‘big one’ and the ‘Top’ – gave the bullies face on the stretch. “And when Kiyan and my tweet on the Friday of reading, he decided to have a photo, just leave it alone. “Let them talk”, he chuckled. “I’ve got fifteen likes, which is a personal record.” Now that he has that record again, just need to adjust it. ( laughs and He was lost for words. And be very happy.”

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“that’s When I shared my story in the work told us there were plenty of colleagues who are in the situation to know”, says Lenka. “I am very happy that now so many people are reading it, so that everyone is aware of what is haatreacties on social media to be able to do. However, I, too, am glad that there is so much warmth to be found in social media.”

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