(Paris) Emmanuel Macron postponed for 24 hours his press conference intended to unveil his “orientation” for France as tensions peak on both the right and the left, two days after the dissolution of the National Assembly, against a backdrop of call from the far right to build the “rally” around it.

Initially scheduled for Tuesday afternoon, this high mass of questions and answers with journalists will finally be held on Wednesday at midday, the Élysée announced.

Mr. Macron will indicate “the direction he believes is right for the Nation”, just 18 days before the first round of the shortest legislative campaign in the history of the Fifth Republic.

In the meantime, “the political clarification called for on Sunday by the President of the Republic is currently at work”, according to the presidency, and “the republican forces on one side, the extremist forces on the other are positioning themselves” .

According to a Harris Interactive-Toluna poll published Monday, the National Rally (RN, far right), whose president Jordan Bardella emerged as the big winner in the European elections, is credited with 34% voting intentions for the first round on June 30. Which would allow him to obtain a relative majority during the second round on July 7, with 235 to 265 deputies.

The Macronists, with 19%, could only count on 125 to 155 seats, compared to 115 to 145 for the left, credited with 22% under its new unitary banner, the “Popular Front”.

Another poll on Tuesday revealed that a large majority of French people, 66%, are “satisfied” with the dissolution of the National Assembly announced following the European elections.

On the right, major maneuvers are underway. The RN continues to push its advantage, with its new favorite status, sowing trouble within the Republicans (LR, right). Xavier Bertrand, one of the party’s figures, demanded a “clarification” from his party president Eric Ciotti.

Designated leader for Matignon in the event of a victory for the RN, Jordan Bardella repeated his desire to “build the largest possible majority”, with a strategy based exclusively on local arrangements, and affirmed that his movement “will support” “Republican” candidates.

Already on Monday, the boss of the RN Marine Le Pen said she was “of course capable” of not presenting a candidate against LR candidates with whom an agreement had been reached.

“If some people want to go with the RN, let them say so now,” the boss of the Hauts-de-France region (north) said on franceinfo, indicating that he would “not support a right-wing candidate who would be supported by the RN”.

Also unthinkable for the leader of the LR deputies Olivier Marleix, another figure of the Republicans: “We will be candidates under our colors, without arrangements.”

Eric Ciotti is scheduled to speak on the 1 p.m. news (7 a.m. Eastern time) on the TF1 channel.

On the left, the alliance envisaged by the main actors was sharply criticized by Prime Minister Gabriel Attal on Tuesday, deeming it “revolting” that the socialists wanted to “build an agreement” with France Insoumise (LFI, radial left).

The four main left-wing parties (LFI, PS, Ecologists, PCF) indeed found common ground on Monday evening and called for “single candidacies from the first round”.

Negotiations resumed Tuesday morning, to refine a common program and distribute the 577 constituencies. But the choice of a leader remains unresolved.  

The case of Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the boss of LFI, accused in particular of ambiguities on the question of anti-Semitism, also tenses party leaders, like the socialist Olivier Faure, who believes that “he does not “there is no logic” to him “being the candidate” of the left to be prime minister.

“He was not in the discussions” Monday evening, said communist Fabien Roussel.

The presidential camp remains in ambush: former Prime Minister Édouard Philippe thus came out of his reserve to call for “building a new majority”, which according to him must “open up” to “all the political forces of the central bloc”. , in particular LR.

“I will go to the end of my duty as a citizen attached to his country who will give everything to avoid the worst” and “to the end of my duty as Prime Minister to act in the services of the French until the last minute”, he said. assured side Gabriel Attal.

In any case, everyone is pressed for time: applications must be submitted between Wednesday and Sunday, 6 p.m., while the election campaign begins on Monday.