Leclerc, Lidl… Current promotions at the supermarket


Every week the cold shower. Like many French people, you have surely noticed that your shopping trolley is costing you more and more, while the products in it are not more numerous. As Le Monde explained at the end of August, the price of the French shopping trolley jumped 11.7% in one year. According to a study by the analysis firm IRI France, all product families were on the rise at the end of the summer, sometimes even with a double-digit increase.

These successive increases are pushing consumers to change their habits at the supermarket, as six of them explained to Planet. Less meat, less brand, less “little pleasures”, but also a hunt for promotions… Their tips are many and varied. According to a YouGov study, published on September 6 and relayed by Le Monde, 75% of French people take advantage of promotional offers in stores.

As you know, supermarkets offer price reductions on certain products every week or “offer” you the second one at half price. If the editorial staff regularly invites you to beware of these enticing practices, they can still save you money if you do not abuse them. Always remember to look at the price per kilo before slipping a product into your cart.

In addition to traditional promotions on certain brands or products, major retailers are currently offering “boosts” against inflation. They allow customers who hold the loyalty card to save money on everyday shopping. Rice, pasta, cereals, coffee, hygiene products… The essentials are covered. If supermarkets compete in ingenuity, where are the promotions the most interesting at the moment? Discover, in the slideshow below, what the various favorite stores of consumers offer… And especially until when.