when He was located on Friday in a phone call with Christina Koch and Jessica in a Bar when he was them “of the first two women ever to have a space made to it. The astronautes that mistake again subtle, is right to state that they are “not too many other things want to be yours”, while He, in his hair, scratching. Now, the president is on social media, accused of having “purposefully directs” his fingers used to because they’re afraid to speak up.

Mary Koch, and Jessica Meir, were on Friday, the first of the two female astronauts, who are without a husband at their side in a space made. As President He was the first of only two women ever to be a space of discovery. But it was a bit short-sighted, and that it was quickly put right by the area team.

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But while the City corrected the president has just declared, had lifted He his hand on his forehead and into his hair to scratch it. With his index finger. It is alleged the incident was quickly put to the test on our website. In the tweets, is it “stupidity” and “not of this world”.

“is That it can only be deliberate to have been” heard on Twitter. “How dare these women, who have reached the than he is ever likely to achieve such an insult?” Someone else added that, “it is very clear that he has given his middle finger to start. Very, very harsh. How is this real life?”

The White House has not yet responded to the allegations that have been made.

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