Almost everyone complains about his boss – this is nothing New. From the point of view of the employees, many managers of German companies have improved their leadership style in the past, however. The managers Report, 2018, the employer evaluation platform Kununu, suggests at the very least.

For the analysis of 330,000 reviews of German workers were behavior out of the Category “Superior” will be evaluated. In this category, the employee can assess whether your supervisor set realistic goals, decisions tie-in, these are clear and understandable, and how their bosses in cases of Conflict behavior. This points from 1 (very dissatisfied) to 5 (very satisfied).

In comparison to the previous year has improved the value for the superior behavior of 3.15 to 3.39. This is an increase of almost eight percent. For the first Time in the last three years, the summary was more positive than in the previous years, in which the value was decreased.

still a lot of air to the top

the authors of The study suggest that the expected impact of the end of economic growth in Germany, the mood in the company. Also, the data suggested that German employers adjust to the expectations of the new generations, more and more.

“employees demand a high degree of flexibility and sufficient free space, and reject rigid processes and hierarchical structures are increasingly. The shortage of skilled workers in Parts of the economy and in some regions reached full employment is forcing companies to rethink and Act“, – stated in the analysis. the

However, the category “supervisor remains behavior” with a mean value of 3,39 one of the points that get the most reviews on the bad. Of the 13 categories, which are requested on Kununuzur employee satisfaction, received in the past year, the only “communication” with 3,28, as well as “career opportunities” with 3.31 a lower rating.