Ecology at the heart of the news. This Tuesday, November 8, Léa Salamé and Hugo Clément are reunited on screen for the first time to make France 2 viewers aware of the environment in Aux Arbres Citoyens! An evening event that takes place in the heart of the greenhouses of the André Citroën park in Paris, in a green setting and in public.

On the sidelines of COP27, which is currently being held in Egypt, the issue of the France 2 program aims to defend biodiversity, the diversity of forests and the preservation of nature. A new challenge awaits Léa Salamé, more accustomed to political meetings and Saturday evening talk shows. “It’s very gratifying, I approach this evening with childlike joy, it will be a committed moment that will show lots of positive actions, without making people feel guilty”, reveals the journalist in Le Parisien.

Sponsored by the two committed artists and activists, Marion Cotillard and Yannick Noah, this program broadcast on the public service aims to raise funds to finance concrete projects in favor of the planet. “Our forests are in danger, and as you know, they are essential for our future”, explains the singer in a video relayed on social networks, prompting a call for donations for this “Telethon of ecology”.

But, do you know that Yannick Noah has a special connection with the show whose song appears in the credits? In 2006, the artist already sang Aux Arbres Citoyens, drawing his inspiration from the title of the tricolor anthem La Marseillaise, on his seventh album Charango. Written by Cyril Tarquiny and composed by Christophe Battaglia, his hit ranked number 1 in sales in France for three weeks before winning over listeners in Belgium and Switzerland.

More than fifteen years after its release, Yannick Noah’s song has crossed borders and remains more relevant than ever. “When I wrote the song, it was still later, but here it is today. I didn’t think it would come so quickly, or that this song would still be relevant in 2022” , assures the Franco-Cameroonian to our colleagues from Parisian.

As Yannick Noah prepares to take his first steps as an actor with director Nicolas Vannier, the impact of his music continues to affect all generations. Like Ludovic, who recorded the voices of the song with his choir in 2006. “It’s incredible that the message of his song has a strong resonance”, assures the young man today for Planet.

Proof of the success of Yannick Noah’s anthem, the former chorister and his friends had the opportunity to perform with the artist on several sets in the mid-2000s. Julia, she remembers their time at the Star Ac’. “I knew I was going to be one of the privileged people of my generation,” she told us last October. The two twenty-somethings still show their gratitude. “We can be proud that many children have been able to learn the song at school or with their families. It’s truly a universal piece through time,” said Ludovic.