Le Mystère Daval (TF1): who are the actors in the cast of the TV movie?


A new news story adapted to the screen. After A French case relating the investigation into the death of Grégory Vuillemin in 1984, TF1 returns to a legal event that marked the French: the death of Alexia Daval in 2017. Five years after this feminicide committed by her husband Jonathann, the chain formalized in a press release the broadcast of the TV movie.

Entitled Le Mystère Daval, the dramatic soap opera will be broadcast at the start of the school year on Monday September 12 at 9:10 p.m. on TF1. Freely inspired by real events, and according to The Alexia Daval Affair – the true story of Laurent Briot and Christophe Dubois, we are told in the press release, this unitary written by Emmanuelle Rey-Magnan and Pascal Fontanille was produced by Christophe Lamotte. In the second part of the evening, the channel offers viewers the documentary Affaire Daval: Les secrets d’une garde-à-vue, looking back on the minutes following the arrest of Jonathann Daval, who then admitted to being the author of the murder. He is now imprisoned in the Dijon remand center after being sentenced to 25 years in prison.

To embody the main protagonists of this affair, we find emblematic faces of the small screen. Like Michèle Bernier (La Stagiaire on France 3) who plays Isabelle Fouillot, the victim’s mother, in the TV movie, which was filmed in the Lyon region in December 2021. “I have just finished. It was a role and a very intense, very impressive film to make”, explained the actress at the microphone of RTL, in the program We redid the TV in January 2022.

Faced with journalist Éric Dussart, Charlotte Gaccio’s mother explained how she approached her role. “I worked like an actress works a fiction”, before detailing. “I didn’t watch any interview with the parents, I didn’t read their book, I remained extremely distant. It was not easy”. If Michèle Bernier preferred to take a certain distance with this news item, she praised the work of director Christophe Lamotte “who managed it with a masterful hand, keeping respect for the family and trying to be fair, not tearful all the time”, according to his remarks relayed by Télé-Loisirs.

During this same interview, actress Michèle Bernier stressed the importance of returning to this terrible drama on television. “Femicide remains so topical. To talk about this case is to put before the general public the idea that it is not over, that we must be careful, look around us”, a- she concluded. To discover the names of the stars expected in the TF1 TV movie, the editorial staff reveals the list in the slideshow.