The computer programmer Paul Allen is dead, in the after-noon on Monday, October 15, at the age of 65 years. He died ” of complications of non-hodgkin’s lymphoma, in Seattle, in the State of Washington (northwestern U.s.), said his company, Vulcan, in a press release. Paul Allen had announced, in early October, that this disease, treated for the first time in 2009, had come back but that doctors were ” optimistic.”

” The life of Paul was diverse and enthusiastic. This is reflected in its countless areas of interest : technology, music, arts, biosciences, and artificial intelligence “, among other things, a summary Bill Hilf, the head of Vulcan.

Pioneer and visionary in the field of micro-computing, Paul Allen had co-founded with Bill Gates Microsoft company in 1975. He had left the firm in 1983 to found and preside Vulcan, an investment company headquartered in Seattle and manages assets in the culture, real estate, media, and sport.

Paul Allen ” has created products, experiences and institutions of magic, and in doing so, he has changed the world “, said in a press release the CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella. “His curiosity and requirement of high quality are things that will continue to inspire me, as well as all of us at Microsoft,” he said in tribute, “saluting” the indispensable contributions to our company, our industry and our community.”

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the Owners of the Seahawks and the Trail Blazers

His fortune was estimated, Monday night, to $ 20.3 billion (17.5 billion euros), according to Forbes magazine. It was, moreover, the owner of the american football team from Seattle, the Seahawks, and the basketball team, the Portland (Oregon) Trail Blazers.

” His passion for the game combined with his determination quiet have led to a model organization, both on and outside the field “, welcomed the president of the national League of american football (NFL), Roger Goodell : “He has worked tirelessly with our medical advisors to identify new ways to make the game safer. “

” we miss You. We thank you. We love you “, wrote on Twitter the players of the Trail Blazers.

“My brother was a remarkable person in all respects,” said his sister Jody in a statement released by Vulcan.

Paul Allen was also known for his philanthropic activities, particularly in health care. He is also the founder of Stratolaunch, a company that has built a huge aircraft capable of launching rockets into space, currently being tested in California.

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He also had made about him with his autobiography, Idea Man, published in 2011 (Penguin Group), in which he said that Bill Gates would have conspired to reduce his shares in Microsoft.