According to the Daily Mail, singer Ed Sheeran has said in court that he will quit the music industry if he loses his copyright infringement case.

The singer-songwriter is currently being sued in a plagiarism lawsuit related to his 2015 song Thinking Out Loud.

In 2016, the British singer was sued by Ed Townsend – one of the co-writers of the classic Marvin Gaye track Let’s Get It On – who accused him of copying the song to create Thinking Out Loud.

According to the charges, Sheeran and his co-writer Amy Wadge copied the rhythm of the 1973 song, as well as an ascending sequence of four chords. The lawsuit also cites “striking similarities” between the two copyright-infringing titles.

For his part, Sheeran denies having copied Gaye’s song. Addressing Manhattan court on Monday, the artist insisted he would be “done” with music if found guilty: “If that’s the case, I’m done, I quit. he said, describing the impact of the trial on him.

“I find it really insulting to dedicate my whole life to being a performer and songwriter and have someone belittle me,” the Perfect singer added.