“I have never gained so much weight as during my year as Miss France”. These are the secrets of Laury Thilleman made during his visit to the morning show of France 2 Télématin this Wednesday, October 26. The ex-Miss France, who has become a host and author of numerous books on well-being, returns in particular to this very special year in a book entitled 365 days at the top, published on October 20. “It’s anything but a guilt-inducing book, we have the right to overdo it. Well-being is common sense,” said Miss France 2010. A period that was not easy in terms of weight management for the young woman who was only 19 when she was elected.

                                                                              Laury Thilleman

“There is a very funny thing that Sylvie Tellier told us at the time, it was basically to be the same woman 365 days after being crowned”, recalls Laury Thilleman. An injunction to keep her figure that she did not manage to manage at the time. “Except of course, when you leave your small province, when you have cocktails every evening, when you don’t do as much sport, in this case less surfing, well the kilos accumulate over time. year”, explained the ex-miss France.

Difficult to manage weight gain. “It’s true that the guilt and frustration I experienced during my year and it was worse than anything. I never gained as much weight as during my year of Miss France finally”, she admits paradoxically. “Fortunately, times have changed. Body positive has arrived. We know that we can have a few extra pounds and be in great shape,” reacted host Julia Vignali, pointing to a change in mentalities that are move away from the cult of thinness.

When the host asks her how she does today to stay in such good shape and show herself all smiles in a swimsuit on vacation, the former Miss France replies that we should not feel guilty and allow ourselves excesses. “I love life and it’s anything but a guilt-inducing book, precisely the idea is to balance. We have the right to overindulge, well-being is common sense. The idea to be guided by the needs of his body”, insists Laury Thilleman.

She is not the only Miss France to discuss the difficulty of the relationship with her body and her weight. Last June, Camille Cerf, Miss France 2015, spoke about her difficult relationship with her body to her subscribers. “It’s difficult because even if I advocate Body Positive and I find all bodies very beautiful, I’m very hard on mine. And being a Miss France on the networks is difficult. Because we always compare to everyone else.” Her recent weight gain weighs on her and she confided that she finds it difficult to detach herself from the gaze of others. “I’ve put on quite a bit of weight lately – I’d say 10-15 kilos, I don’t weigh myself – because of the love, the stress and the fast pace. I don’t feel good. I don’t don’t recognize. Some see themselves as bigger than they are and well I’m the opposite. In everyday life, I feel super thin so it’s very difficult when I face reality of my image in the photo or on TV”, confided Camille Cerf, ensuring mixes having trouble recognizing himself.