In June 2014, Philippe Bouvard said goodbye to Les Grosses Têtes, his flagship show on RTL. Since then, Laurent Ruquier has taken up his torch at the head of the show.

If the ratings are to be believed, he proves convincing in this role for a large part of the listeners. However, his predecessor had been very critical, repeatedly mentioning his regret at having left the show.

Dwelling on his eviction, Philippe Bouvard said “It was a surprise! First, because I thought I was untouchable. Then, because I was told that I would be replaced by the host who had been my competitor for ten years, but who was always less than me in audience”, in the columns of Paris-Match in 2019.

For his part, Laurent Ruquier has no intention of hosting Les Grosses Têtes for as long as his predecessor was able to do. Indeed, Tuesday August 30, 2022, he declared, on the set of Cyril Hanouna, the date on which he would like to leave the show: “I hope to celebrate the fifty years of the Big Heads and I want at this time- there to hand over to someone”.

“Les Grosses Têtes started in 1977, so it will be in 2027. I have five years left. You know, I’m 60, next year. Please note, I did not say that I would stop the radio. But quitting Les Grosses Têtes at 65 feels good to me,” he said.

The host will therefore still lead this show for several years. For the time being, it is still impossible to know which personality will succeed him.