A flagship face of public service, Laurent Romejko has been rain and shine with the French for several decades. A graduate of a school of journalism in Paris (and after a parenthesis on the radio), he made his debut on television with William Leymergie in Télématin on Antenne 2 in 1989. Three years later, the one who also presented the weather report succeeded Max Meynier at the presentation of the program Numbers and Letters.

This June 30, 1992 remains today a defining moment in the life of Laurent Romejko. “I remember very well, it was a very special day. I went to bed at night with the feeling of a busy day,” he said last February during his visit to C à vous on France 5. At the same time, the host also experienced the joys of fatherhood with his wife Sylvie Bazin.

“An hour before going on air, I learned that I was going to be a dad for the first time, and I did my first show,” he recalled, according to comments relayed in particular by Gala. For the presenter and father of a daughter named Anne (born in February 1993), this birth was very emotional. “I came out at the end of the day, I said to myself ‘we’re going to have a drink there, because the day has been busy'”, confided the sidekick of Ariane Boulin-Prat and Bertrand Renard in the emission.

The family of Sylvie and Laurent Romejko grew with the birth of the second daughter Mathilde, born in August 1995 (now officiating Video producer for Condé Nast France) and their son Louis in July 2000 (student). Discreet about his family life, the former presenter of France 2 now at the head of The weather à la carte (since 2012 on France 3) shares brief snapshots of his daily life on social networks.

Like this December 27, 2020 where Laurent Romejko shared a photo of his birthday on his Instagram page. As we see the 50-year-old blowing out his candles with his dog in his arms, we see that he is still just as young after so many years of career. “It was a problem at the beginning when I wanted to start doing television. I was 25-27 years old and they gave me 18-20 to break everything”, he confessed to Télé-Loisirs in 2017, adding further. “Now, I’m not complaining about it, it’s rather nice if they give me 5-8 years less. Hopefully it lasts!”.

The secret to his fitness? “I don’t overindulge but I know how to enjoy the good things. I enjoy everything, including the sport I’m not addicted to. I play tennis a little from time to time, and do a bit of cycling” , he admitted to our colleagues. Here is an anthology of his family album in our slideshow.