Lauren Sánchez Celebrates Son’s Graduation in $2500 Designer Latex Dress and Gold Jewelry

Lauren Sánchez, the former news anchor and fiancée of Jeff Bezos, has been proudly celebrating her son Nikko Gonzalez’s college graduation since May. In a recent Instagram post, she shared photos and videos highlighting his milestone achievement.

In the post, Sánchez is seen wearing a daring hot-pink Versace dress made from latex, originally designed for the fashion house’s spring/summer 2022 runway, with a price tag of $2,575. She accessorized the vibrant outfit with diamond stud earrings and a massive gold cuff.

This is not the first time Sánchez has made a bold fashion statement. From attending the Vanity Fair Oscars after-party in a red gown to visiting the White House in a stunning Rasario gown, she is known for her daring and colorful wardrobe choices.

As Sánchez continues to showcase her evolving style, from the Met Gala to her son’s graduation celebration, it’s clear that her fashion journey is just beginning. Congratulations to Nikko Gonzalez on his graduation achievement!