resim 1441
resim 1441

The twists are linked to Koh-Lanta. This Tuesday March 28 is broadcast the sixth episode of this edition of Sacred Fire, hosted by Denis Brogniart on TF1. An adventure in the Caramoan archipelago in the Philippines which has been the scene of several events.

Last week was marked by the abandonment of Benjamin. The Marseille sailor suffering from infectious otitis was replaced by the youngest Tania, the last eliminated on the board by the reds. Or the surprise defeat of the yellows by forfeit in the comfort game, after breaking their boat. Seeking revenge, they beat the reds again in the immunity test, which resulted in the downfall of Chief Rudy, eliminated by his tribe.

Among the castaways still in the race in Koh-Lanta, the discreet Laura turns out to be a strong element of the yellow tribe. At 32, this photographer and lifeguard from Charente-Maritime often shines in aquatic events. Excellent in the underwater team relay event, boat captain in the raft raceā€¦ She is unanimous with fans on social networks.

“We never talk about Laura, but she’s too strong”, “Laura underrated, It’s been 2 episodes that she’s been tearing up in all the events. I can see her in the personal final square”, “Laura we don’t don’t talk enough but she’s amazing huh”, can we read among the comments on Twitter. And, the TF1 adventure game seems to be a life experience for the candidate who is comfortable in the water.

“I needed freedom, to be able to go right and left, to always be on the move”, explained the aquatic and adventurous photographer in her portrait. “I’ve been living in my truck for a year.” For Laura, Koh-Lanta represents a great opportunity to exceed its limits. “I want to go even further, to really go on an adventure”.

Before hoping to reach the key stage of reunification, Laura and her yellow tribe will face an unexpected twist. In tonight’s episode, the candidates must win the immunity test at all costs or face a surprise board. Who will pay for it? To be continued…