Laura, Moenaert, it was a long time ago, on the street, beaten up, and the contestant on the first season of “Temptation island,” on Friday will be announced. “I have been a victim of a thought that I had screwed up”, said Laura with a photo of her injury on Instagram.

The facts date back as far as four months ago, but, Laura, Moenaert it is only the outside. “I’ve had a difficult period behind us,” she writes on Instagram. “The group, which I Temptation island was ruined. In addition to this event, there were a lot of people who have commented have had in Roger and me.”

“Roger has kept me from harm”

now, Laura has a lot of support, talked to Roger, said they are still at it. “Without him, I would be much more serious. Without his protection, I would often find myself not felt safe on the streets. He is actually the reason why I’m still healthy and can walk. Mentally as well as physically.”

At the time of the facts of the two from each other. “But even so, Roger, I’ve always protected me, at crucial moments, helped a lot. I am him forever grateful for that.”

Meanwhile, it feels like Laura is much better. “I’ve got plenty of prospects, and I’m only outside to walk in it.”

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