The holiday voucher is an aid managed by the ANCV, National Agency for holiday vouchers. This aid was set up by the French Ministry of Free Time in 1982. Its aim was to simplify the departure of employees on vacation.

As specified on the ANCV website, these checks are valid for a period of two years after the year of issue. “It can be used all year round for services in France (including overseas departments and regions) and for countries of the European Union”.

To obtain it, the ANCV specifies that the check is sent on the basis of social criteria. More specifically, “the acquisition of Chèques-Vacances results from your participation to which is added the financial contribution of your works council, social and economic committee, social organization or employer”.

The surpluses generated are then redistributed by the agency in aid programs for vulnerable people or in the financing of “the heritage of tourism with a social vocation”.

To recognize the stores that accept holiday vouchers, simply refer to the list of stores available on the agency’s website in the form of a guide. Otherwise, it is possible to find on the front of the partner brands, a sticker where it is indicated “ancv, Chèques-vacances welcome”. Today, these checks can be used to pay for online trips, show tickets, or even to rent a car.

The partner sectors of these vouchers are therefore wide. In the list of partners, we find Leclerc, Carrefour, and other large retailers. However, the ANCV holiday guide specifies that you cannot use these checks in supermarkets. You cannot therefore save on your shopping with this aid.

Nevertheless, it remains usable in the shopping mall of the supermarket. Indeed, supermarkets with a travel agency like those mentioned above are part of the list. You can therefore use your check at the Carrefour travel agency, for example, but you cannot pay for your food shopping with it.