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The comedian Lannick Gautry is a real jack-of-all-trades. Before playing comedy, this Breton had several lives. First, a cook where he did an apprenticeship for a year and a half, the photography enthusiast obtained his professional baccalaureate in this field. “Whatever the profession, we all want to touch everything”, assures the forties to Planet. However, it is under the spotlight that the actor trained during Florent will shine in his career.

You have surely known him as a surfer in the film Brice de Nice with Jean Dujardin, in the skin of an assistant director of summer camps with Jean-Paul Rouve, Omar Sy and Marilou Berry in Our Happy Days, struggling with his friends in Corsica in Les Francis or as the companion of Pio Marmaï in Very first time. “I’m happy to do comedy, like thrillers”, explains “little Alain” Gautry (in Breton). In 2020, he camped the first role in Bronx directed by Olivier Marchal, that of a commander of the BRI.

Lannick Gautry’s career experienced an incredible rise on television, where he imposed himself on the public in the police register. With successful dramas like Le Mystère du lac (and the sequels: Le Tueur du lac and Peur sur le lac) on TF1 and the collection Meurtres à, on France 3, he has become a popular face with viewers. “I always have good feedback, as long as people want to see us. It’s always a pleasure when people follow us and like us”, welcomes the actor, thanking his fans.

Today, Lannick Gautry is on the bill of Vise le cœur (on TF1) where he plays a former criminal lawyer, who has become a commissioner. A detective soap opera in which he co-stars with Claire Keim, a playmate familiar to the actor. “It’s always a real pleasure to work with Claire Keim. She’s a good friend and a wonderful actress”, admits the famous actor who enjoyed playing on the set. “I’m particularly proud of this series because it’s very original. I think there’s a great light, it’s very well done. The plots are good and it’s worth it”.

This does not prevent Lannick Gautry from dreaming bigger. And, why not, try new registers such as “science fiction or period films”. “That’s what I want to go now if I was given the opportunity. Changing eras is something I would like to do”, he assures us before slipping us . “I played an astronaut not long ago.” A superb experience for this solitary actor, even if the filming was not weightless. “It’s quite a challenge.” A star who hopes to make his audience travel on new adventures!