In the coming year, want to write to the AfD in the East of Germany history. In the case of three state elections, the CDU and the SPD as the strongest force to replace. The Alternative for Germany is also valid as a choice alternative? In a recent survey it is situated in Brandenburg, with 23 per cent together with the SPD in the front, in Thuringia, one percentage point of the CDU is on a par with the Left (22). In Saxony, the residue of the AfD to the Union, is four points to the Bundestag election in 2017, you could move here, but once the Union is over.

The Saxon AfD party leader, Jörg, Urban is looking forward to the election year optimistic. “We have the Chance to be the strongest force in Saxony,” he said. The Grand coalition government in Saxony could lose according to surveys, the majority. Also AfD-party leader Alexander Gauland is confident. The “mirror” he said, “especially in Saxony, we have a real Chance to become the strongest power.”

seven-digit sum of money for the election campaigns in the East

in order for this to increase chances of want to spend the AfD the “mirror” according to more than a million euros for the election campaigns in Saxony, Thuringia and Brandenburg. To have decided the AfD in the Federal Convention. Alone in the Saxon election campaign, therefore, 500,000 euros is to be invested, the six months before the election, there will be 800 events.

For the election campaign in Thuringia the top candidate Björn Höcke to 300,000 euros. Höcke, which stands for the ultra-right wing of the AfD, so far, covered the Electoral prospects of his party. Most recently, he had a lot to do with the decision of the constitutional protection, to excite, to explain the Thuringian AfD to the test case. Gauland was the controversial politician, however, the back wind. The protection of the Constitution always seem to get more and more a “political campaign”, he said to the “mirror”.