Landslide settlement with the tears – Here eight houses are taken care of into the sea gespültEin so-called “Quick Clay” in Norway, a distance of nearly one kilometre, for devastation. A man was able to capture the dramatic scene on Video. 0 comments concerning the clean-Alta (Norway) slipped a whole settlement into the sea. The phenomenon is called “Quick Clay” and is found in Arctic areas more often. Video: Twitter

On Wednesday evening, a landslide in Norway has flushed out a whole village with eight houses into the sea. A Person has captured the spectacular scene in a Video and published on Twitter. So far there have been no reports of injured people or even deaths, as the Norwegian media are reporting that according. A dog had been swept away by the mudslide. According to a eyes have this save, however, even witnesses.

Around 800 meters long and 40 meters wide, the abgerutsche piece of Land is. Currently, the police secure the area and keep looking for possible victims. “We can’t say with certainty that no one was killed,” said a police spokesman to the Norwegian news Agency NTB.


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