Alex Caruso Clarifies Tattoo of Kobe Bryant NBA Finals Photo

Kobe Bryant is widely regarded as one of the greatest Los Angeles Lakers players in history. Following his retirement in 2016, LeBron James took on the role of the face of the franchise. However, since then, Alex Caruso has emerged as a popular player among Lakers fans.

Caruso, who started as the Lakers’ first-ever two-way contract player, quickly became a fan favorite due to his hustle, defensive skills, and highlight-reel dunks. He played a significant role in the team’s journey to win the 2020 NBA Championship before departing to join the Chicago Bulls in 2021 as a free agent.

Despite leaving the Lakers, Caruso still holds a special place in the hearts of Lakers fans and Bryant himself. Recently, Caruso shared a photo of a tattoo depicting Kobe Bryant in the locker room after winning the 2001 NBA Finals. However, he later clarified that the tattoo is not his own and that he simply shared it because he found it impressive.

The tattoo itself is incredibly detailed, capturing Kobe’s expression, his championship jacket, the gleam of the Larry O’Brien trophy, and even the towel on the ground. While Caruso may not be the owner of the tattoo, his connection to the Lakers and Bryant remains strong.

The Lakers franchise boasts a rich history of both star players and beloved role players like Michael Cooper, Derek Fisher, and Robert Horry. Caruso joins the ranks of these iconic Lakers players who have left a lasting impact on the team and its fans. Despite the tattoo not being his own, Caruso’s bond with Los Angeles and Kobe Bryant endures.

In other news related to Kobe Bryant, a game-worn jersey from the night he tore his Achilles tendon during the 2013 season was recently sold for $1.22 million at an auction. The jersey, signed by Bryant, serves as a reminder of his resilience and determination, as he managed to sink two free throws before leaving the court.

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