First Nation Pabineau and Belle-Baie Celebrate Indigenous History Month

The First Nation Pabineau and the City of Belle-Baie jointly celebrated Indigenous History Month by holding a ceremony on Sunday afternoon in the Nigadoo area.

Nearly a hundred people and some local officials from Belle-Baie participated in the ceremony, which took place at the outdoor park of Sportplexe Richelieu under beautiful weather. The event aimed to recognize and celebrate the richness of the history, heritage, resilience, and diversity of First Nations, Inuit, and Métis peoples.

In addition to the official ceremony accompanied by traditional music and a dance performance by Shelly Ann Robichaud, participants enjoyed family activities, a culinary specialty with flavors of blueberry jam, and a display of traditional objects from the nearby Indigenous community located near Bathurst.

Mayor Daniel Guitard of Belle-Baie expressed his happiness in celebrating the event while acknowledging the past mistreatment of Indigenous communities. He hoped that the event would strengthen the friendship with the Pabineau Indigenous community. Grand Chief Terry Richardson of the First Nation Pabineau also warned the Acadian people about the potential disappearance of the French language, drawing parallels with the Micmac language.

The ceremony included the raising of the Mi’kmaq flag by Provincial Deputy Marco LeBlanc, Mayor Daniel Guitard, and Chief Terry Richardson. Chief Richardson also criticized Premier Blaine Higgs and his government for prioritizing English as the sole language in the province.

Overall, the event served as a form of reconciliation and an opportunity to showcase different cultures, emphasizing the importance of working together and celebrating diversity.