La Poste: daily rounds canceled in certain cities from March


The postman has not passed, he will never pass… From March 2023, La Poste will launch 68 experiments across France. The goal? “Reorganize the mail distribution rounds”, inform us our colleagues from franceinfo. The flagship measure of this new organization? The abolition of daily rounds in many municipalities in the spring.

In the cities concerned, which you can find in our slideshow below, the postmen will then have a route defined on a specific day of the week, then a second the next day. On a daily basis, therefore, you will no longer come across your postman in your mailbox. Some mail will remain distributed every day, such as registered mail, parcels and the press.

The La Poste unions deplore this idea, believing that it will ultimately serve to eliminate postmen. The management of the company, for its part, asserts a desire to develop the profession. Questioned by franceinfo, Yves Xémard, deputy general manager of the services-mail-parcels branch, recalls: “In 2008 we delivered more than 18 billion letters, we will only deliver 7 billion in 2022. The purpose of the experiments is adapt as best we can to these developments on the ground”.

This is not the only development experienced by La Poste this year. As of January 1, 2023, the priority stamp, or red stamp, has been discontinued and replaced by a digital version. Here too, the management explains this decision by the desire to adapt to the new realities on the ground. At the microphone of franceinfo, the deputy general manager of the La Poste group Philippe Dorge explained: “If we don’t change things, it will be the end of the mail”.