Successful Festival Despite Rain at Sainte-Marie Sports Festival

Courtesy of the Sainte-Marie Sports Festival, the recent heavy rainfall in Beauce, totaling nearly 40mm since last Thursday, did not dampen the spirits of attendees. According to the organizers, the uncertain weather did not discourage the enthusiasm of the many festival-goers and athletes present.

Paule Chabot, the event’s communications manager, noted that the rain fell at opportune moments. “There was some rain, but we were very lucky and spared at the right times. For example, there was heavy rain just before the start of the races on Saturday morning, but no rain during the three starts,” she observed via email.

Approximately 7,500 people participated in various sports activities, including 3,300 young individuals during the school day. Performances by Phil Lauzon, the electro evening, and the tribute to Nirvana were also successful.