Quincy Restaurant La Paloma to Close After 41 Years in Business

After four decades of serving Mexican cuisine, La Paloma in Quincy is preparing to close its doors for good on June 29. Owners Michael Walsh and Stephen Dwyer have decided to retire and spend more time with their families, marking the end of an era for the beloved restaurant.

Known for its signature dishes such as fajitas, tacos, and enchiladas, as well as a wide selection of margaritas, La Paloma has been a staple in the community for years. The restaurant’s Facebook page featured a heartfelt message thanking their loyal staff and customers for their support and memories shared throughout the years.

Regular patrons of La Paloma have expressed their sadness over the news, with many reminiscing about the friendly atmosphere, affordable prices, and extensive menu options that made the restaurant a favorite spot for gatherings and celebrations. Weekly events like Taco Tuesday and Fajita Frenzy added to the festive ambiance, while the variety of margarita flavors kept customers coming back for more.

For former waitress Jessica Tragellis, La Paloma holds a special place in her heart as a second family. Starting as a college freshman, she worked at the restaurant for years before pursuing a career as a math teacher. The connections and friendships formed during her time at La Paloma have left a lasting impact on her life, showcasing the unique bond that the restaurant created within the community.

As the closing date approaches, loyal customers and staff members are reflecting on the memories and relationships built at La Paloma, with gratitude for the experiences shared and the legacy of the restaurant in Quincy.

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Name: Michael Walsh and Stephen Dwyer
Early Life: Started La Paloma restaurant in Quincy
Education: Not specified
Career: Owned and operated La Paloma for 41 years
Notable Achievements: Established a beloved Mexican restaurant in the community
Personal Life: Retiring to spend more time with their families
Other Details: Known for their dedication to the restaurant and creating a welcoming atmosphere for customers.