Article: “The List of My Desires 2 | A Less Successful Sequel”

In the world of literature, sequels often have a tough act to follow. This is especially true for Grégoire Delacourt’s latest book, “The List of My Desires 2”. A continuation of the heartwarming story of a woman who wins a lottery but chooses not to spend it, the sequel fails to capture the magic of the original.

Twelve years ago, Delacourt’s “The List of My Desires” was a massive hit, telling the story of Jocelyne, a lucky woman who won a large sum of money but was left with only 15 million euros out of the 18 she had won after her husband Jocelyn ran away with part of the prize. The sequel picks up three years after Jocelyn’s death, with Jocelyne still grappling with bitterness and regret.

Attending a support group for lottery winners, Jocelyne navigates the complexities of newfound wealth alongside other participants. However, the novel’s attempt to explore the impact of money on happiness falls short. In a time where many struggle to make ends meet, the characters’ longing for their pre-riches lives feels out of touch.

Despite its empathetic tone and humor, “The List of My Desires 2” lacks the authenticity that made the original so beloved. Jocelyne’s character, in particular, comes across as overly idealistic and disconnected from reality. As a result, it’s unlikely that this sequel will replicate the success of its predecessor.

In conclusion, “The List of My Desires 2” may not live up to the expectations set by its predecessor. While it attempts to explore themes of wealth, happiness, and generosity, the novel’s execution falls short of capturing the hearts of readers as the original did. Delacourt’s latest work serves as a reminder that even the most anticipated sequels can struggle to recapture the magic of the original.

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