After the December log and the January galette, get ready to heat up your pan! February 2 marks Candlemas Day in our calendar, 40 days after Christmas. A traditional festival that would hold its roots in religion over time.

Initially, this celebration dates back to antiquity among the Romans. The “Lupercalia” were celebrated there in honor of the god of fertility and herds, Lupercus. In addition, in Greece, torches were lit at the beginning of February to celebrate the return of Ceres, the goddess of harvest, fertility and light.

Later, it was the pope who introduced the pagan festival into Christian rites. Thus, Candlemas symbolizes the presentation of Jesus in the temple of Jerusalem, where a candlelight march was then organized to represent the light brought to Earth by the son of Christ. Every year at the beginning of February, this period also marks the arrival of longer and brighter days with the end of winter.

Apart from the various symbols evoking its shape and color, the crêpe remains today a food very appreciated by the French, who do not hesitate to taste it in several ways. Rolled up or folded in four, sprinkled with sugar, spread with jam or spread, there is something for everyone. The opportunity also for some Internet users (very greedy) to show humor on social networks. Planet has selected an anthology of the best jokes for you in the slideshow above.