At the annual general meeting yesterday, with KV Oostende, was to talk about the future of the club. UNTIL an urgent need of the annual $ 1.2 million lease to Marc Coucke will pay for the other one. It eliminated all of the city council, in order to press the issue, because mayor Bart Tommelein announced that the stand would become the property of the city, as KV Oostende does not exist. Then, to tackle Coucke his income by Alychlo, and so it will be better to contribute to a constructive solution.

in Order for the pressure to increase to believe UNTIL there’s some financial figures are made public. In addition to the rental price of the stands, the high agency commissions from Coucke, who still has to be paid off. Or, for example, the transfer fees, of Milic, and Musona, who not so much as advertised.

Yesterday was informed of Ostend, only that “we are working hard to make the financial viability of the club is to ensure that the accounting sections have been approved”.

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