Kurt Russell Raves About Stepdaughter Kate Hudson’s Musical Talent

Kurt Russell, the Hollywood legend, has recently revealed himself to be a major fan of his stepdaughter Kate Hudson’s music. In an exclusive interview with People magazine at a Television Academy event for Monarch: Legacy of Monsters, Russell couldn’t stop gushing about Hudson’s debut album, Glorious.

During the event on Saturday, June 8, at the Wolf Theatre in Los Angeles, Russell expressed his admiration for Hudson’s music, especially praising her new track as one of his favorites. He enthusiastically stated, “I like that. I like the way she kicks that out there,” highlighting Hudson’s powerful vocals.

Not only did Russell rave about the overall quality of Hudson’s songs, but he also mentioned his appreciation for the tracks that are dedicated to his longtime partner Goldie Hawn and his grandson Ryder. He described those songs as “really good” and “well done,” emphasizing the emotional connection they hold for him.

Hudson, known for her acting career, recently ventured into the music industry with the release of her studio album Glorious in May. Although this is her first official album, Hudson has showcased her singing abilities in the past, notably in the popular TV show Glee. With Russell’s public endorsement and praise, it’s clear that Hudson’s musical talent is gaining recognition and appreciation from a wide audience.

Fans of both Russell and Hudson can look forward to more exciting musical endeavors from the talented family in the future.