zero number in Künzell. The football group League SG Bad Soden stayed for the second Time this season without a goal, the TSV Künzell it was enough only to a 0:0. The hot kicker to remain leaders, have to leave the tab on the SG Ehrenberg, however, are shrinking. For the TSV, the 0:0 means a point.

allow No match against the concentrated offensive power of the SG Bad Soden, the need to imitate the TSV Künzell first someone. According to satisfied TSV-Trainer Markus planting with the appearance of his defensive range was: “We defended really well, the gaps in defense have always voted,” said a few, small exceptions, where the guests were, however, equally dangerous.

This would be for the house of lords may be even more, especially in mid-term one of the TSV squeezing mightily on the pace and had to bring the one or other Chance the League leaders will Stumble. “A lead in the first half would have been earned,” says planting. In the second half of the SG bath Soden. pressed then but, just in the final phase of the TSV made as to whether the staff concerns and the high cost limp, but had to accept, no counter hit.

In the coming week for the return series starts for both Teams, Bad Soden continues as a table leader in the top match with the third SG Elters / /Eckweisbach/black Creek. The TSV Künzell travels to the SV big lüder, who have discovered, after the change of coach to win. (tw)


TSV Künzell:

Niklas Kircher – Mario Schlott, Andreas Becker, Sebastian Kress, Louis Winkow (86. Julian Flat), Alexander Scholz, Tim Farnung (68. Julian Röder), Jose-Ramon Bacale, Martin Raszyk, Christian Isselstein, Niklas Auth (67. Leon Cook).

SG Bad Soden:

Abdul Samed Ersöz – Adrian Saletnik, Tuna Moaremoglu, Jaron Krapf, Christian Pospischil (70. Benedict Kress), Kevin Paulo Witsch, Lukas Ehlert, Daniele Fiorentino, Christoph Neiter, Tim Paulo Witsch, Samet Degermenci.


Christoph Kranz (Philippsthal).



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