As a German Museum Director, you can be his job relatively safe. There are really only three reasons for dismissal: of The – or the one punishing hopelessly with the ancient staff of the respective temple to the muses. Chronic lack of success and empty halls of the Museum, or empty Museum accounts would be a different Argument. The third could be a falling out with the often powerful money lenders of the respective Institution.

As for Ralf Beil, the former Director of the art Museum Wolfsburg with a good relationship to his colleagues and successful exhibitions and Receipts in the past few years, the first two reasons of naming, it must have located on the third. His denunciation of those days came as a surprise, his contract would still be up to 31. January 2020 run. In this case, the Wolfsburg Museum is not a Museum on the periphery; indisputably it is one of the important institutions for contemporary art in Germany.

Depending on the benefits of a auto mobile company

A core problem may be that the Museum does not have its own purchasing budget. It is dependent on the donations of a car company that displays your name, on a broad Basis people to weigh in. Actually, the entire city is built on metal and Oil. The legend goes that in the late twentieth century, except Wolfsburg vehicles were caressed as sentimental as the local Patriotic determined with keys or other scratch-enabled instruments. The scal rigidity and Director, stated in several Interviews, the suspicion that the decisive factor for his dismissal is a disagreement with the Foundation on its next year’s planned exhibition “Oil. Beauty and horrors of the oil age“ could be, in advance of settlement to the end of October also in a preparatory Symposium on light and shadow sides of our Petrozäns had pointed out.