Kristina Vogel was the best track cyclist in the world, to her life at 26. June in the most brutal manner. In the case of a training accident-you collide with a Dutch young rider and is paralyzed since then, from the seventh thoracic vertebrae down. In an Interview with the German press Agency talks about her new life, your goals and your Concerns.

Kristina bird, after her bad accident in June, you can Christmas finally home. How big is the anticipation?

I’m just glad that I’m released. I was six months in the hospital. It’s enough slow. I am looking forward to so little things, like the bathroom, cook something, or a little rest. If I note here with Michael (silk goblet, the companion of life,. d. Red.) time wanted to cuddle, was, of course, the sister. But I am also tense and nervous, what 2019 is out there in the real world.

they are handled very openly with their fate. Why?

It does something Good. I want to get out, tell my Story, motivate people, and on the trip.

How you have felt the great compassion?

The sportsman’s Gala was very emotional for me. It was a nice ’Welcome’. I am incredibly impressed by the response. It is madness, as sports-Germany back. It’s a little stupid that I have only understood now how important I am to the German sports. I am have been estimated, as I thought. I’ve always thought that I’m the little Kristina, the bike rides and all-day power, which makes her fun. Maybe I was not in private, so self-aware as an athlete.

How the reactions were?

99.9 percent were positive. Many people write to me that I’ve motivated them. I don’t do much really. I’m just coming back to life. The reactions make me courage. I don’t think I fight alone, I fight for the whole of Germany. That one looks to me: If you believe it, you can do it.