Kortrijk – Kortrijk, prohibits, as from 1 October, for the sale of nitrous oxide. It is also one of the first cities in the us, the country that does it. There was an additional burgemeestersbesluit for it.

a Small ampules best find out more and more on their way to the uk. The ampules have been referred to as the stored gas for use in industrial spraying whipped cream, but the young people are inhaled with the intention of making a roeseffect to obtain it. Sometimes, due to the ampule in a balloon deflate.

in Order to put an end to it, and, after legal consultation, it was decided to have it on the market and/or are in possession of all the gases (nitrous oxide, but also lighter fuels, etc.), with a view to the attainment of the roeseffecten, prohibit, and punish, in an article in the police regulations of the city of Kortrijk, belgium.

Vincent Van Quickenborne, the Team’s Mayor): “In anticipation of the approval of the city council to enact, today, we have a burgemeestersbesluit from the sale of the lake, in shops, restaurants and cafés, prohibits, as from 1 October 2019 onwards. For example, the affected traders, as a week is the period of time in order to have their winkelwaren from the shelf to pick it up. As of October 1, enter the ban into force, and the ampules in the shops and restaurants will be confiscated. This is a utility penalty, which can cost up to 350 euros. I am hoping that this is a way for the alarming rise in the use of nitrous oxide in the us for nightlife, and can not change. The traders that are the ampules to continue to sell to young people, to bear a great responsibility. Kortrijk is this prohibition to be one of the first cities with such a dramatic approach. We hope that other cities will soon follow suit.”

The medical risks associated with the inhalation of nitrous oxide, are not: they are going to fire vrieswonden on the lips, and the respiratory tract, and the lungs are, to a great lack of oxygen, with brain damage as a result. There are also young people who, during their state of intoxication, an accident is caused, and that it is not able to express it in words. As the ampules, however, is a genuine product, it is not easy for the government to take action against the abuse of it.

On the 24th of July, 2019 at the latest, after a troubling police report about a cafe where all the boxes are empty ampules were found in a first-burgemeestersbesluit written that it is the improper use of nitrous oxide was restricted. Since then the police have to have a person conclude that it is best that he or she is in possession of, it is not meant to be slagroompatroon, but roesmiddel. It may be that the police are in the ampules, or the cylinders may take in and destroy.

it’s burgemeestersbesluit has since been regularly used. In addition to the numerous confiscations by the users, the police are in a single pub with a load of 150 ampules of storage. In one of the other eating place was in fact, a huge cylinder of 1 m in the attached. The balloons were made directly to the bottle to be filled and, among young people will be divided. A similar bottle was taken over by a group of young people.

On september 12, 2019, the scale of the problem, however, is even more pronounced.When it became clear that shops and other commercial matters, on the sale of the gebruikershoeveelheden best to start to focus. In one late-night shop, the ampules, even just in between the candies.