as Vincent Kompany makes it, again, part of that is the selection of RSC Anderlecht for the top match against Club Brugge. This coming Sunday, to 18, does RSCA with Adrien Trebel, a remarkable trio.

‘Vince The Prince’, his return is good news for Anderlecht, and also for the return of the previously much maligned Adrien Trebel can be in the middle of the recordkampioen benefit. There is lacking, however, for Peter Zulj, which is a neusbeenbreuk the match with Antwerp (1-2) was missing. A more noticeable name, the choice is Samir Nasri. The French acquisition was missing all of the last two games against Standard (1-0 win) and the final result. But now, the Frenchman is not in the selection are pretty good.

Also, Kemar Roofe, it is still not part of the core of the Neighbourhoods. The striker, this summer, arrived from Leeds United, had been among the first forecasts to be injuries in the game against Club Brugge, as a possible date for the return. So it’s still too early in the morning.
More about the RSC Anderlecht, in Our clubwatchers Club Brugge – Anderlecht): “The difference was never greater than” speak for themselves: by the Club and confiscated transfer in the stands for the winner against Anderlecht, Showcases Verschaeren is looking for his place in Anderlecht, in the year of the affirmation: “We are all just passing through” facility news. Marc Coucke will not be of the party, in Bruges, the new spitsenduo in Genk?