They are only 10 for a single title. Since Tuesday, February 21, is broadcast Koh-Lanta, The sacred fire, hosted by Denis Brogniart on TF1. A season marked by many twists and turns from the first days until reunification.

Halfway through the Koh-Lanta adventure, parity dominates the camp of the reunited tribe. After the abandonment of Grace (although victorious) at the end of the ambassadors and the elimination of Anne-Sophie during the last council, 5 women and 5 men are still in the race. Now they compete individually for comfort and immunity trials (not to mention the sacred fire talisman).

Among the women, we find Clémence who won the last immunity test against the Belgian Héléna, the footballer Julie, the swimmer-photographer Laura and the youngest Tania. Among the men, the carpenter Quentin (drafted from the ambassadors) forms an alliance with the former leader of Les Jaunes Nicolas, the strategist Frédéric and the farmer Gilles. While the former red Esteban would seem to go it alone.

By participating in this season 24 of Koh-Lanta, these candidates have gained popularity with the public over the episodes. During and after the adventure, they are active and interact with their fans on social networks. A notoriety that upsets each of them, as Denis Brogniart confided to Puremedias.

“There is a strong impact of social networks once the adventure is over, it has gone well and you have stayed long enough”, he explained to our colleagues during the broadcast of the anniversary season in August. 2021. “But I have never seen people change their behavior during the adventure in relation to social networks”.

Who are your favorite candidates this season? Before discovering a new episode this Tuesday April 25 at 9:10 p.m. on TF1, Planet searched their public page and reveals the top 10 in images in our slideshow.