Koh-Lanta returns with “the sacred fire”: here are the first images


A nice surprise for football and adventure fans. After the France-Morocco semi-final during the Football World Cup on December 14, TF1 formalized the return of Koh-Lanta with a short extract unveiled in the evening. First, at half-time during the advertising break and on social networks after the match, the public discovered the first images (see bottom of the article) of this new edition entitled Koh-Lanta, The Sacred Fire , which took place in Asia.

“In the Philippines, a legend tells that a God secretly guarded a sacred fire in the bowels of the Mayon volcano. A fire with considerable powers which gave birth to an equally powerful talisman”, comments the voice-over in the 20 seconds of this short excerpt. If no date has been announced by TF1 for the moment, the new season should arrive soon in 2023. In the meantime, this appetizer has whetted the appetite of many Koh-Lanta fans on Twitter.

“France in the World Cup Final Trailer Koh-Lanta”, rejoices a surfer who lets his joy burst. Another faithful of the program is “looking forward to it”. “We miss it seriously,” commented this user under the video post, posted on the game’s official Twitter account. But other fans are still skeptical of this novelty. “It stinks of the still very wobbly mechanics… and a very wobbly cast too lol”, “I don’t expect anything from your season, so there’s no chance of being disappointed”, they let go in the comments.

However, a request is already being heard by Koh-Lanta fans: the return to the Friday broadcast (historic box of the show, editor’s note) instead of Tuesday evening (since Koh-Lanta, the Legend in 2021). “Too hasty, I would like it to come back on Fridays”, “Back on Friday if not without me”, “Friday for pity”, harangue these Internet users on Twitter. An audience cry heard by the show’s production?

For the moment, Alexia Laroche-Joubert ensures that Koh-Lanta, The Sacred Fire should always be broadcast on Tuesday evenings, according to Puremedias. According to the famous producer, the adventure program “performed extremely well on Tuesday, it seems quite logical to me that TF1 would keep us there”, before continuing with our colleagues. “Journalists compared the audiences of Friday to those of Tuesday. But, when you compare those of Tuesday between the program which preceded us and those of ‘Koh-Lanta’, you understand the strategy of TF1”.

A strategy that brings its share of successes and failures, note that the last season finale of Koh-Lanta, The cursed totem, had recorded its lowest historical score with an average of 2.97 million viewers, for 17.5 % of audience share according to Médiamétrie. An end to the season won by firefighter François tied with rope access technician Bastien against finalist Géraldine in June 2022.