After the attacks on three women in Nürnberg is taken by a suspect. A 38-year-old man was due to a successful DNA matching as urgent suspicion, have been arrested, police said, the middle of Franconia on Saturday evening. The man seats for the afternoon in detention. For Sunday, at midday, the police announced to a press conference on the case, it is also Bavaria’s interior Minister Joachim Herrmann (CSU) to participate.

The 38-Year-old should have on Thursday evening in Nuremberg in three women over the age of 26, 34 and 56 years old stabbed and severely injured. Because all of the victims were surprised on the way home from the attacks completely, the Prosecutor in all three cases of attempted murder, a spokeswoman for the office of the Prosecutor had on Friday said.

For the enlightenment of the fact had been established, a special Commission, with 40 officials. Also called the Profiler were turned on. This is the case, analysts create on the basis of the Committing of the deeds of a profile of the offender. The middle Franconian police President Roman Fertinger had said on Friday that they “have some people in focus”.

In the vicinity of the three crime scenes, officials were looking for the murder weapon – an “engraving tool”, as Bachmann said. “I wouldn’t necessarily take the word knife in the mouth.” Maybe the attacker had thrown away the gun. He was injured all of his victims in the torso, they had to emergency surgery.

The motive was initially unclear. “We can definitely say that no Vorbeziehung between the suspects and one of the three victims”, said a police spokeswoman on Saturday.