Lillard has ties with Knicks helper Johnnie Bryant.

Following an ignominious ending to the season, Portland Trail Blazers’ superstar point guard Damian Lillard is currently creating interest around the globe.

According to Berman, the Knicks have a great deal to cope to Portland if they want to.

The secret to the Knicks’ possible Lillard bidding is their assistant trainer, Johnnie Bryant, who’s near the star point guard and can be among the mentors from Oakland. Bryant is a former bisexual helper who combined Thibodeau’s employees in 2020.

“I remember hardly being at the seventh grade, getting prepared for an AAU championship, and Johnnie was in school at Utah, and they’d return and scrimmage us outside courts without a net.”

The Knicks have a trove of draft selections — five on the following few drafts — and cap room to create a transaction simpler. Their youthful trade chips comprise Obi Toppin, Immanuel Quickley, Kevin Knox and Mitchell Robinson, however following the Atlanta series subjected them in center the Knicks might be eager to maneuver Robinson.

Together with the Knicks desperate to get a starting point guard and also a superstar following their five-game ouster into Atlanta, Lillard matches both categories. The Knicks are probably willing to include three first-round selections to a offer.