Brussels –

The ” Students for Climate change’, and the Yellow Shirts want to be the Monday meeting in Brussels to protest against police brutality. The reason is not only the traangasincident this past Saturday, but the arrest of the 350 in Yellow Vests on the verkiezingszondag.

“ The United Against Police Violence ” ”. Under that name, announced the eight organisations on Monday, a meeting in the nation’s capital. They want to go to the Grand-place in Brussels where the council, at that time is about to begin.

“We have taken the initiative, and we have found a number of other groups have been invited.

as A first man, was given the pepper spray in the face Photo: VTM

” says Yuni Will be of the Place-For-air-conditioning . He was referring to an incident last Saturday in which a first man, while as a proof of klimaatbeweging the Extinction patrick’s day celebration still have the pepper spray in the face to me.

“After the shocking images, we found it necessary, in order to this issue,” says Mertens. “No, We can’t accept a democratic rule of law, as well as Belgium. This issue is not a new one. Many of the groups and minorities that are experienced, certainly, these acts of repression. We want the police brutality, in general, to address. That is why we are also one of the other groups have their say, about their experience with the police, which is never mediated after all of it.

Along with the Yellow Shirts).

Remarkably, one of the other groups are the Yellow Shirts. Most likely, this friendship is not: as said, the Yellow Shirts in the past have been against a tax increase on diesel fuel and gasoline. On Facebook it is referred to the arrest of the 350 in Yellow Vests on the 26th of may, the day of the election. For being requested, and peaceful demonstration, in order to have more social justice and to the requirements of the Yellow Vests worn preventively detained.”

“We’ll organize a free-standing, and peaceful assembly, as close as possible to the town hall, where on Monday, the city council is to take place,” says Mertens. “We need the mayor to be in the future, non-violent protesters are also armed to handle it.”

the Mayor will have to decide.

“We have, today, Tuesday, a request was received,” says police spokeswoman Ilse Van de keere. “We’re going in the next few days, conversations with the initiators of the project, and then get an opinion and stating it. The mayor, Philippe Close, which will ultimately have to decide whether or not the event can go ahead.”

a demonstration against police violence is, according to the spokesperson for the police has no influence on that opinion. “The people have the right to protest, we have no questions to ask. The theme has no bearing on the recommendation that we made.”
More about the klimaatprotest Extinction patrick’s day celebration is paying the protesters in the Netherlands the Protester seems to be pepper spraying cops are free to argue, but there have been doubts about the Facebookpost police union demands a meeting with the Brussels city council: “Left-wing people are always allowed to have more than the right one. This can be no longer the Police takes of 435 demonstrators during a protest ‘Extinction patrick’s day celebration’