The return ticket from Munich he had in the bag. You do not need to arrive at the debut. Especially if one is only 22 years old. But then it went better from day to day in the Tour de Ski, and then, as he was also at the time of departure from Oberstdorf, still in the Yellow Jersey, John Hoesflot Klaebo: “Now I want to win this thing.” However, it was still a brutally hard piece of work, this monster Bakken to defeat at the end of the seventh and final stage, those infamous final climb on the Alpe Cermis: 3.6 km, 420 meters in height, with an average of 12 percent of the climb, with ramps of up to 28 percent. And the lead on his closest pursuers, the Russians Sergei Ustjugow melted with each step. Its 1:20-minute pad saved Klaebo just a time of 16.7 seconds. It was a drum. The victory in the Tour de Ski, the accolade for the youth is because of the sprint specialist is now available as a complete cross-country skiers.

Claus Dieterle

sports editor.

F. A. Z.

This is also the German national coach Peter Schlick Rieder ungrudgingly acknowledged. “He is incredibly keen to experiment. This Klaebo-Style is a very new technology. And the running of each race so that you don’t have the feeling that he gets up in the morning,“ said Schlick Rieder, who said on Sunday especially: Florian Notz, in the overall standings was still climbing to rank 13.

A how Klaebo Schlick has not Rieder. But who has the? So a is even in the long run-the country of Norway is a rarity. Klaebo comes from Trondheim, and is the product of a family business. Grandfather Kare, 73 years old, is a coach, the daddy is the Manager, the brother takes care of the Social Media performances, and the sister is for the physical therapy responsible. From grandpa John has also received the typical staccato-step prescribed, with the he – blows without any sliding phase the slopes. What makes him a Trendsetter. And a superlative accompanied him: He is everywhere the most Recent. A kind of Prodigy that the experienced men teach the Fear of God. In Pyeongchang, he has with his victory in the Sprint as the youngest male Olympic champion in cross-country skiing-history immortalized – with 21 years and 114 days. And has then brought in the team sprint and in the season twice Gold. Who stood at the end of the season as the youngest overall world Cup winner in there? Klaebo – who else? He is now the youngest Tour de Ski winner, is almost self-evident.