The King, the PS president Paul Magnette (PS) Tuesday night appointed as the informateur.

the King and He has a Tuesday night preformateurs, Geert Bourgeois, and He kris peeters, minister-of their mission is to be redeemed and, Paul Magnette was appointed as the informateur.

the Magnette, this command is accepted, and on the 18th of november and shall submit a report to the king, ” says the spokesman of the royal palace.

Earlier in the day, were received by the king and the leaders of all the parties that are eligible to apply for a new federal government.

now, With the Magnette, president of the largest French-speaking party for the first time since the election of a really big shot to make a move. He will have talks with the eight parties, N-VA, is in his vicinity to hear it.

Or that both parties are in agreement, getting up in the government, but is yet to be seen.

the N-VA is that the PS is the socio-economic, to the left, and does not have an ear to the community concerns of Flemish nationalists. The socialist party is that the N-VA to the right, is the institutional will to speak. In the French-speaking socialists, point out that there will also be only too happy to find that there is an alternative coalition, it is possible to: a black-green government, which may be supplemented by a CD&v). In Wallonia, controls the PS, even with the liberal democrats and the greens.

the Magnette made in the past is not a secret that he is a black-green government down. A government without N-VA is so-so.

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