Sophie Wilmès is officially the country’s first female prime minister of the country. MR politician, it was Sunday afternoon, and appointed by king Philip, and then went to the Rue de la loi 16, the badge, and the front door was handed over to the Charles Michel (MR). “My options are limited, but we do have the continuity of insurance,” said Wilmès in There.

The former secretary of the Budget went on for 16 hours, had an audience with king Philip. There, they are not to take an oath, because of the government, the current business situation. It was during the private conversation, only the ‘nominated’ as prime minister. Well, the oath was made to David Clarinval. He has come to the government as the new minister of the Budget and the Civil service, in charge of the National Lottery and the belgian Science policy.

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“Prime minister, in Belgium, it is not an easy task for anyone,” said Charles Michel, on his retirement, from the age of 16. “But they know that the federal records are very good.” Michel said several times its disappointment with the fact that the government is prematurely to an end by the decision of the N-VA. “A year ago, I said that there was a very heavy responsibility rests on those who are in the government, have let you down. This will have a severely negative impact,” he said.

< br /> Sophie Wilmès is to be aware of the limitations of her role. “It is not the intention to make this a long time,” she said on Sunday. “I hope to soon have a full-fledged government on its own two feet.”

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