Kim Mulkey’s Baylor Bears will not be a part of the Women’s Final Four, but the basketball coach is optimistic of something for those teams staying in the NCAA championship — no COVID-19 testing.

Talking after her No. 2-seeded Bears were removed by top-seeded UConn on Monday night at San Antonio, Mulkey urged the NCAA quit testing to the Final Four and also allow the focus be rigorously about the basketball.

“They will need to ditch the COVID testing. Could not it be a pity to maintain COVID analyzing and you have children that test positive or something and they do not get to play at the Final Four? So you only have to overlook the COVID evaluations and find the four teams playing each Final Four and go fight it outside ”

1 championship game thus far was influenced by COVID-19. A first-round men’s matchup between No. 7 Oregon and No. 10 VCU was announced a no-contest due to exactly what the Rams mentioned were multiple positive evaluations in their program. The Ducks advanced directly to the next round.

Players and coaches in both tournaments are analyzed daily and are sporting devices that assist aid with contact tracing. As of Saturday, there was two confirmed positive evaluations in the women’s championship with over 15,400 administered.

The final positive result one of the players, coaches and others working in the championship has been reported March 22 from daily antigen testing. Any false positives are fast retested with a PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test, which can be considered more precise.

The NCAA formerly said groups want at least five healthy players to compete at a tourney match.

Mulkey herself contracted COVID-19 after contact with a relative who tested positive about Christmas.

“The response is that: The season will last on. It is known as the almighty buck,” Mulkey said in the moment. “The NCAA must possess the almighty buck out of the men’s tournament.

“One convention does so, 1 convention does this. The CDC claims this. Everybody is perplexed. I am perplexed. I am uncomfortable training. I have had it come speak to me sometime. However, I really don’t know… all of the calls and processes, that is gont move on and allow it to be odd, uncomfortable for every single app.