Did Kim Kardashian Really Fly to Paris Just for Cheesecake?

In June 2024, social media platforms were abuzz with a viral claim that celebrity influencer Kim Kardashian once flew from Los Angeles to Paris just to get a special kind of cheesecake from a specific hotel. The claim stemmed from an episode of “The Vogue Podcast” in 2015, where Kardashian discussed her love for Parisian cuisine, including a particular cheesecake from Hotel Costes.

During the podcast, Kardashian revealed that she had flown to Paris to indulge in her favorite foods, with the cheesecake at Hotel Costes being a highlight of her culinary adventure. However, she did not specify that she flew from Los Angeles to Paris solely for the cheesecake, as the viral claim suggested.

While the claim that Kim Kardashian flew to Paris just for cheesecake is partly true, it has been somewhat exaggerated. Kardashian’s love for Parisian cuisine and her special trip to enjoy her favorite foods showcase her passion for food and travel, rather than a singular focus on a specific dessert. The viral claim continues to circulate on social media, highlighting the ongoing fascination with celebrity lifestyles and culinary experiences.