as Kim De Gelder, author of the video in the nursery Fabeltjesland in Dendermonde, shall be imprisoned in the institution of Turnhout and Merksplas. That’s for the protection of the society (KBM) in Ghent to decide. “He would not want to be treated, at all levels,” says the Gent persrechter.

“There is, however, focused on the regioverbod at the request of the victim. He has a full contactverbod with all of the victims and regioverbod in East-Flanders, belgium. It may be located within the province and not to move.”

Tried to have a Facility for the Protection of the Society (and IBM) will go. “He would not want to be treated, at all levels,” says the Gent persrechter World Also. “He has no understanding of the disease, so that is why he is the first in a best-placed to see what is possible in the future.”

Or he will go to Turnhout, belgium, or Merksplas is to be transferred, it is not yet clear. “The choice between the two, which will be this week, still has to be done,” said Dossche.

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