Kim’s (36 years old) makes up the next year of her return to the professional tenniscircuit. That is, the Belgian tennis player, announced via social media. The former number one in the world, and a four-fold grand slam winner, was seven years ago, and her tennis racket on the willow be hung. Before hoping in January to return to that day at the tournament in Australia. Since the beginning of this year, she is once again on the train.

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as Before, it was proftennisster in 1997, and was promoted six years later to the top of the world. In 2005, she won the US Open, her first grand slam tournament. Two years later she announced that her 23 to stop the play. She was, however, in 2009, is a first-come-back-and that turned out to be a huge success. She has won three of her four grand slam titles. At the end of 2012, I quit the track again, good-bye.

The former on top of the world and have won a total of 41 WTA tour titles, including four grandslams (US Open in 2005, 2009 and 2010, Australian Open in 2011 and three times in the Masters. For twenty weeks she was right at the top of the WTA rankings. She has had three children, Jada (11), Jack (5) and Blake (2).

Video on Facebook:

“over The past seven years I have been a full-time mother. And I loved all of them. But, said Kim, in a video on Facebook. “But I also would like to be a professional tennis player. And to be honest… I’ve had that feeling of being missed. So, what if I have two should try to combine them? I would be a loving mother to my three children, and is the best tennis player that I would be able to be able to combine? Let’s do it. Let me just try one more time to come back. I hope to see you all in the year 2020.”

At the site of the WTA tour, she gives a comprehensive interview, an explanation for its return. “I don’t feel like I have something to prove. For me it’s more of a challenge. I would like once again to be strong”, will it be as a possible explanation for the remarkable comeback. “I’ve got friends who say that they are in the New York marathon to run their way, and I love to just play a game of tennis. Every time I am at a grand slam tournament, with the Legends playing and someone asks if someone has a ball, wants to hit, and I will be the first to leave a comment. For the love of the sport is still very large. However, the question is whether or not I’m still in the level that I want to get. And what level do I want to, I again dare to provide the highest level of one of the best vrouwensporten in the world. This is my start. This is what I’m saying, ok, let’s try this.”

“I’m too young to retire”:

“I think it’s very exciting to be able to announce that I made my second comeback to the WTA Tour and will be making. Although, for me, for the next four months, a lot of work is waiting, and my main motivation is the personal challenge, both physically and mentally. I just want to be myself again to test it. On my 36 I feel I’m too young to retire too. There are so many inspiring athletes, and the moms who are in the league. I can’t wait to get back on the court, and to see what is possible when you have three kids to do so. At this point in time, the training sessions for the past couple of months for me just the extra energy given to it. I really, really enjoyed it. But, maybe I’ll get there in a few months, however, regret any of it (laughs, ed.).”

Photo: Photo in the News < / P> Kim Clijsters has not given a lot of thought. “Over the past few years, I’ve played it with the idea of a comeback, but then the thought occurred to me: ‘no, No, that’s impossible.” I love my life here at home with my three children.”

But as soon as her youngest son, Blake started kindergarten, it seemed impossible are suddenly possible again. This realization came after a family trip to the Australian Open in January. “That was the first time that we have with our other kids were talking about how we can make that up with Jada in the past all of them did. Jada then gave that lifestyle a great thought of it.”

making a Comeback in Australia

now, Kim hopes to have it in January to return to that day at the tournament in Australia. Since the beginning of this year, she is once again on the train. Once they are certain of the physical objectives are achieved, including a successful trial in may, on the grass of Wimbledon as, it decided to have one final chapter to her career in the making. They will once again collaborate with her former coach, Carl Maes, and osteopath Sam Versleghers. In the next few weeks, she wants her team to continue to grow.

Photo: reuters < / P> “My little children, shielding them from the media:

“I like to challenge myself to push it. I have found myself surprised at how easy it is for me to get in the heavy workouts to put on and keep on fighting. It gives a lot of satisfaction. The media attention that will come up is, for me, is the hardest. Not for me, because I can do that as well. But, my children, that’s a different story. It’s not just my life that’s about to change. Of course, I have talked to my husband, my team and the RESULT. I want to be with my children as much as possible to protect it.”

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to Not have a crowded calendar

To keep her family as normal as possible, life will be Before her calendar is not too full of plans and flexible as if they were a last-minute, at home, would be required. “My mind must be empty in order for the children to be able to let go of the training is to be able to go. I just need to make sure that the house and everything taken care of, and that’s dinner for the next day, every day. Our kids are in their routines like hobbies, and school. That’s not going to change that, I don’t want to. I’m just going to have more to do with the house. If I feel that a competition concern for the children, and I will not play it. And then I just have to go back suits.”

for example, If a former number one and grand slam winner, who is in her return to make, they are wild cards, applications for tournament play. “This is a big advantage, I didn’t know that. So, I am not limited in the tournaments that I play in the beginning. It’s also a bonus that I don’t have to have a minimum number of tournaments a year to play a game of tennis. They are important extras that make the decision easier to create. I would never want to have a mandatory minimum number of tournaments a year and play.”

even with the top of the world?

Believe Kim Clijsters will herself again to the top of the vrouwentennis it may storm? “To give an accurate answer to this question, I must first, once again against the best in the future, it is just standing there. In the past, the US Open, I have to match that and I thought, ‘No way, that’s the level I get no more.” It feels like the ball is so much harder to beat than in my day. But I had that feeling once when I was still in the top-five standing there. However, when I compared them in the field was, I found out that the game isn’t too hard, as if they were on the same floor. I would like to start by 2020, back in the circuit, but if I’m in december and just feel that I am not ready then I’m not going to go to Australia. I would like to me at first, at the level of feeling that I need to be. I’ve got three and a half months to get better.”

Photo: associated press for More about Kim’s ex-coach, this summer, the message to Kim, Kim: “take that, please, once again, your racket is IN the PICTURE. Bright, Kim Clijsters was the two weeks ago, the guest of honour at the US Open this year, the CEO of Tennis Vlaanderen and fell from his seat out of surprise: “a Comeback for Kim Clijsters, it is good news,” the Czech tienersensatie wants a new Before after