Kluisbergen –

the autopsy on the body of the Said R., the son of Lena Vangheluwe, who, along with her husband, Henry Brown was murdered, it turns out that he did not appear to be due to a criminal act. Reported that the Eastern part of the Flemish public prosecutor, and that no further details of the case to give it.

The couple was on Friday the 6th of september, were found in their home in the village of Thimougies. Henry Brown, and She Vangheluwe, had their retirement in a greengrocer’s run in Berchem, a district of Kluisbergen. The public prosecutor’s office, Tournai-Mons, a judge, and the laboratory of the federal criminal police Office got on the field. The pair were due to knife wounds, to the stake, confirmed that the prosecution Office. The body of the Said R., on Thursday, september 5th, the fire department of the Scheldt, brought in the Institutions. It’s going to be a son from the first marriage of the wife. The Spring section of the Eastern part of the Flemish public prosecutor stated that there will be no evidence of malicious intent, and it was reported on Friday that the man did not appear to be due to a criminal act, or by the intervention of a third party. It was most likely a desperate act, but it may be that the prosecution could not be confirmed.

in the Meantime, the public prosecutor’s office, Tournai-Mons, or ” you’re an R. I had something to do with the death of the couple. They were doing a search warrant, looking for DNA that is in his house, and his car was used by the Walloon public prosecutor was seized. The body of the child was discovered, the bodies in the Office, there was couple already, on Wednesday the 4th of september put to death.

The pair will now be on Wednesday to be buried in the church of Berchem (antwerp), municipality of Kluisbergen. Mark R. is not buried with them.

Anyone with questions surrounding a suicide, can take a look at the Zelfmoordlijn via the toll-free number to 1813, or www.zelfmoord1813.be.