Anger in Israel and the United States – Khamenei with the “final solution” for the indignation of partying soldiers in Jerusalem: The Supreme leader of Iran has published on his website an image, the sharp criticism of reap.oli/sdaHat published on its website an image of celebrating soldiers, before the Al-Aqsa mosque shows that Ali Khamenei.Photo: OISL/Keystone

Iran’s Supreme leader Ali Khamenei has raised the image of the “final solution” in Jerusalem international sharp criticism. The drawing under the slogan “Palestine will be free” shows the temple mount in Jerusalem. In addition, The final solution: resistance up to a Referendum, is:”.” On the occasion of the Al-Quds day on Friday, which is reminiscent of the occupation of East Jerusalem by Israel during the six-day war in 1967. Al-Quds is the Arabic Name for Jerusalem.

to see the image on Khamenei’s website celebrating soldiers with Palestinian flags, and people with flags of the Islamist organizations Hamas and Hezbollah against Al-Aqsa are mosque. The temple mount (Al-Haram al-Sharif/The noble sanctuary) to Muslims and Jews is Holy.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu condemned the publication of sharp. “Khamenei’s threats, “the final solution” against Israel, reminiscent of the “final solution” of the Nazis to the extermination of the Jewish people,” wrote Netanyahu in the social network Twitter.

Pompeo has condemned “anti-Semitic Statements”

U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo has condemned “Khamenei’s disgusting and hate-filled anti-Semitic remarks”. Pompeo tweeted, Iran is the world leader in the support of terrorism and anti-Semitism. Khamenei deny the Holocaust, send “money and weapons to anti-Israeli terrorists, and has called on the Nazi call for the final solution,” wrote Pompeo. Also the EU foreign representative, Josep Borrell, was outraged by the accusation and condemned Khamenei’s Remarks in the strongest possible terms. “This is a Bedrohnung for international peace and security,” he wrote on Twitter. The security of Israel is for the EU is of paramount importance.

Khamenei had written on Twitter: “We will support any Nation or group that is against the Zionist Regime and fought.” The “elimination of the Zionist regime” does not mean the Jews, he wrote. It means, rather, a “split drängtes Regime” such as Netanyahu’s to abolish. “Muslim, Christian and Jewish Palestinians should be allowed to choose their own government. This is what is meant with the elimination of Israel, and this will continue to happen.”

At the Wannsee conference in Berlin in 1942, fifteen high-ranking representatives of the Nazi state, such as the so – called final solution of the Jewish question – the million-fold murder of the European Jews were to be implemented as effectively as possible had advice.