you Have omitted just one year entirely on news and then on one of these long winter evenings, decided to see the last season of “House of Cards”, the series about the ruthless, power-mad demon-possessed President Frank Underwood, you probably would have been disappointed. Sure but it would be after the first episode for a while remained sitting on the Sofa and thought about whether a not a this consummate lie was served. The puppet master Underwood, dead, Kevin Spacey, after all the artistic pretensions get out of the series? Never.

What if he returned in the next episode? Or at the end of the season? If his resurrection with a message of associations, in the he alike, the actor, and his expressive figure, President Underwood, in, talks, with which he may be cunning and trusting directly to its loyal viewers spent? And the message would be: conclusions can be deceptive.

The real world

Off this sofa dreams but there is a real world, and looks like this: Kevin Spacey, the Oscar-winner, one of the best American actors, is from the beginning of January for sexual harassment before the court. The charge relates to the assault of a 18-year-old boy in the year 2016, and it relates to only one of a long list of molestation allegations against him, became in the course of the year. Spacey was deleted from “House of Cards” and a feature film, which was then quite expensive and not particularly good. Since then, he has not expressed publicly. Since then, he is submerged.

For the resurrection of Frank Underwood, he has chosen the channel, the days of Christmas, the greatest possible attention to promises. He thought about the cunning title “Let me be Frank” for his message, because “frank” is called in English “open,” and with an apron full of dancing Santas in a kitchen that is of the series-the President confusingly similar. There washes and he dries the hands (sic!), as the camera falls, and he fixed his audience, as he always did as Frank Underwood, if he wanted to make them Confidants.

“I know,” says Spacey, and tends to the head confidentially, “they tried to separate us. But what we have is too strong. I’ve shown you what people are capable of. I’ve challenged and to Think. And you trusted me, even though you knew you shouldn’t have done that.“

Resurrected from the President crypt

This is not Spacey, reminiscent of Underwood. This is the President himself, resurrected from the President of the tomb, and as he begins to stir in the daily pots and pans, adds he, the story of the fallen actor in its great appearance. Some believes this Underwood Spacey, probably felt he would get what he deserved, would admit his wrongdoings and make amends. But wouldn’t that be too easy? And would you believe, without evidence, really the worst? “You wouldn’t jump to conclusions – you’re smarter”, speaks of those players. “Because if I had to pay for, we both know that I’ve smelled, I’m not going to pay for something I haven’t done.”

The player to know believe what his audience that each of its passions,: It wants him back. And because he has never stuck to the rules, he can do it now, looks at his audience directly and makes them to your co-conspirator, the debt’s attention. As soon as you will not come out of this thing: didn’t you look for years, with a cozy shower, how do I corrupted the most powerful office in the United States? You have not enabled it is because of this abysmal ruthlessness, a sequel to the other devoured, yet for more demands, as the first victims were already under the ground? And now, I’m dead, without trial? This is not the end, promises to be Spacey, and there can be a little uncomfortable.